Ode to the Last Page

At last we’ve arrived —
the final page.
The first, a year away,
beginning with the words
“no one ever leaves”
and ending with these.
Pages that have seen
many cups of tea
and stains from colored pens;
Rainy, sunny, snowy grey,
bemoaned Mondays
and second comings;
Scribbles and snippets,
crossed out verses;
Stories in ten words,
poems from prompt words;
Some held to the light,
others extinguished without a gasp.
As the back cover closes
on this last page,
there is no ending.
Only a bridge
to the next first page.


This was written on the final page of my black-covered travel notebook (04/15/19 – 03/06/20) and was meant to be my O post for the A to Z Challenge. However, I forgot about it and wrote the haiku “Oasis” instead.

The line “No One Ever Leaves” was the rough draft title for my N post from last years A to Z Challenge that resulted in the short story, “Never There.”

Thank you for reading.

SoundCloud: S. M. Saves
Twitter: @sm_saves


2 thoughts on “Ode to the Last Page

  1. I like it when our work slips away for a while and comes back at the right time. There are words I’d like to find again, but I know when the time’s right, they’ll emerge. Glad to have found you through the A to Z Challenge.

  2. This was beautiful. Thank you for the hopeful last line. Will be reading your ode a couple of times to enjoy its simple and hopeful beauty.

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