Tea Fiend (An Etheree)

I drink tea almost everyday at work. It was cold brews for much of the summer but now that the temperatures are dropping off, true Teason (tea season) can begin.

of tea starts
the day off right.
Kept warm by my love
and a thermos, I am
a well-hydrated tea fiend
on the prowl for boiling water
to make this earthen brew come alive
and warm this lovely heart and soul and mind.


A single Etheree has ten lines with syllable counts 1 thru 10 per line or 10 thru 1 per line (if a reversed Etheree). The Shadow Poetry website has examples of Etheree, reversed Etheree, and double Etheree.

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11 thoughts on “Tea Fiend (An Etheree)

  1. Tea is life! Lovely tribute to a noble drink. I drink it every evening (non caffeinated herbal). I’ve gotten into the habit of taking what’s left in the pot at the end of the night and putting it in my water bottle, then adding my lo-cal lemonade powder, then filling up the bottle.

    • Herbal teas are fantastic. I love anything with chamomile in it but also have a soft spot for hibiscus and ginger teas. An herbal lemonade blend sounds interesting. I may have to give that a try. Thank you for reading!

  2. I adore (make that all caps: ADORE) the way the mundane is twisted into the magical. Making something like making tea sound like you are making a magical potion that will provide warmth and strength and calmness of mind: I imagine orange/brown leaves, cauldron, you with your hands full of tea leaves, sticking out from between your fingers and a thermos slung (yes, slung!) on your arm. “The season proves bountiful…”

    So, I say, as a tea lover, you give tea the highest compliment with this wonderful little piece. 😉

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