Humanize (A Monorhyme)

Dazed in my disguise
The light of truth searing my eyes
I blindly shield the mystic ties
that bind me to these little lies
I tell myself to feel alright. The lullabies
will help me sleep tonight. We romanticize
living double lives.
Better to be oneself, I surmise.
Not fictionalize,
but humanize.


A monorhyme is exactly as it sounds — a poem with one ending rhyme sound. For me, it was anything that ended with an “-ize” (or “eyes”) sound.

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5 thoughts on “Humanize (A Monorhyme)

  1. I have written a monorhyme just once, I didn’t know it had a specific name. Using the same rhyming sound on each line gives an almost unstoppable flow to the poem. I might attempt another one!

  2. It doesn’t come as a surprise
    that SM manages to mesmerize
    and helps us realize
    how we live our lives
    dancing with knives
    hiding behind lies
    hanging ourselves with ties
    we’d rather sever to free our insides
    and set ourselves loose with heavy sighs.

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