I went to bed early and woke up standing next to Death.

“What happened?” I asked. My body laid next to my husband, still asleep, oblivious that I was gone.

Death said, “It was your time to go.”

“I don’t get to say goodbye?”

“You can if you like.”

I floated through the air to the other side of the bed. “I love you. I’m sorry.”

And then I was gone.


On some nights, after I’ve settled into bed and turned off the light, I have sad thoughts. This is one of them.

Thank you for reading.

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Driving on Snow

Last night, mom and I ordered Chinese food for carryout. Outside it was dark. No light from neighboring houses except an oddly placed lamppost at the end of a driveway. The street was covered in the slush from a previous snow.

“You sure you want to go out?” I asked. Mom hated driving on snow.

She shrugged.

I drove us through the quiet downtown as fresh snow fell. While we waited for our order, we perused the tables at a craft show next door displaying quilts and ribbons, chapbooks with mixed media covers, incense and potpourri.

I turned to my mom and said, “You know dad really misses you.”

I woke up before I could hear her reply.

(A 3 AM dream I posted on Twitter, July 23rd, 2020).


SoundCloud: S. M. Saves
Twitter: @sm_saves

V is for Versa-Distance

Invited to a neighbor’s backyard party but unsure if social distancing will be observed? Want to meet up with your swiped-right but worried about unwanted advances?

Introducing Versa-Distance — Versatile distancing for all your personal space and social distancing needs.

Versa-Distance is a one-size-fits-most, inflatable social distancing tool. When inflated it provides the wearer with a 6 foot radius of space between themselves and everyone around them.

Perfect for open offices, grocery store runs, walks, and small social gatherings that may or may not have less than 10 attendees.  It’s even waterproof for pool time fun!

Available for online purchase at all major retailers. Also available in one-size-fits-most child sizes!

Five Stars: #1 Fan
Was totally skeptical at first but I’m glad I took the plunge. This is the ultimate social distancing tool. Super comfy, easy to inflate. Bonus: if some tries to fight you for the last pack of toilet paper they bounce right off. Neat!

One Star: Dude…It’s a water tube.
Just arrived today after a three week delay. I thought they sent the wrong thing but it’s an inflatable water tube with adjustable “suspensions” (actual suspenders). How am I supposed to fit through doorways with this thing on?


Maybe the weirdest thing I’ve written…nah. Not sure if the infomercial in my head translated well to paper but I hope it brought about a small LOL.

Thank you for reading/suffering through this one.


SoundCloud: S. M. Saves
Twitter: @sm_saves


U is for Under the Trees

He found her bones in an overgrowth under a tangle of trees. Pieces were missing but he could surmise the shape of her from the fairy ring encircling her resting place.

He fed on the grass that grew inside her ribcage, licked clean her eye sockets, and traced her a new outline with the tips of his antlers.

When she woke, she was newborn weak. He bowed his head and carried her over his back to a babbling brook. He helped her drink then taught her how to eat and encouraged her until her bones no longer showed under her new hide.

They return to the tangle of trees so she could say goodbye then they disappeared into the forest together.


A prequel of sorts to Night Sounds. Thank you for reading.


SoundCloud: S. M. Saves
Twitter: @sm_saves


N is for Night Sounds

She woke from the dream with beads of sweat tracing lines down her spine. It was still dark. Dawn wouldn’t break for another few hours. She rested her head listening to the night creatures sing.

What is it? Another body shifted next to hers.

I dreamt I was man, hooked to machines, and I couldn’t breathe.

Warmth against her side, she felt his breath. That was the before. He nuzzled her, antlers overhead wrapped in a dreamcatcher’s tangle of vines. Go back to sleep.

They returned to sleep under the young oak tree in the grassy field lined with torches extinguished long ago.


Wrote this over the weekend while reminiscing on another piece from last year’s A to Z, “Red River Run”. It came in handy tonight because I am absolutely drained.

Thank you for reading!