Witch’s Stew

Brewing in a bone cauldron
An eye socket of a giant being
Slain by the Witch Queen
At the bottom there are stones
and on top of them bones
Simmering for five hours
In go the root vegetables,
the fingers, the toes, and somebody’s nose
It’s a witch’s stew for young and old
But preferably for young
The meats much more tender that way.


I’m Hail-Marying this one in. Snow and Halloween and #ReadMeSpeakMe have taken much of my time this week. OctPoWriMo got pushed to the back burner. And NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow! Gasp!

Thank you to everyone who came and visited me during OctPoWriMo; liked, and commented on my pieces. I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

As always, thank you for reading!


Mystery Ache

My knee’s doing that thing again.
“Time to feel old!” it says.
Damn it! I don’t wanna!
Limping towards the bed, going easy,
but it’s ouch, ouch, ouch to get there.
Resting it straight in a fuming mood
Then I’m up and it’s better
’til it reminds me again.


My right knee is a jerk sometimes.

Thank you for reading!


Soft Purring

Soft purring fur children asleep in my lap
Eyes half closed, snuggling close
The wind howls outside,
the snows gonna blow
The heater struggles to keep up
with the temperature drop
Tucked in together
we stay warm and cozy.


This is me at this moment, weighed down by my fur babies. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Two more days! Two more poem!


Do Not Carve the Pumpkin

If you do not like surprises
Do not go into the field
Where the giants are sleeping
Hidden by tall hills

Do not pick the plumpest one
Do not roll it home
Whatever you do, do not wake him,
Carving eyes into his shell

If you give him a nose,
he’ll smell you.
With a toothy grin,
he’ll want a taste.

But what do I know? Go ahead!
Pop the top off!
Inhale that horrendous smell
And take a peek inside.

Bones, blood, and offal
A broken smartphone too
Now you know you should have listened
But the young ones seldom do.


This poem was inspired by Meg Waf’s beast of a pumpkin, which inspired her poem ‘Trick or Treat‘, which is one of the special treats the #ReadMeSpeakMe voices are reading this week.

Thank you for reading and don’t carve that pumpkin!


Apple Orchard

Apples and donuts
and gallons of cider,
warm days and farm fields
and driving for hours.
It’s a tradition
we do once per year
but this time it’s just not
the same as last year.
The market expanded,
it’s no longer cozy,
and it’s too muddy
to walk in the orchard.
And no one is waiting
for us in the drive.
This time I’m alone
when I make apple pie.


On this day, one year ago, we found out the next two holidays would be our last…

Thank you for reading.