Tree Hugging

Kat, human
Lady of my dreams
Conjurer of voices
Conversing with a massive oak
Giving it the biggest hug she can muster
Would have wrapped herself around its trunk,
if she could.
“It wants to know where your hug is?”
So I hug it too,
and she smiles.


Kat — I heard your voice again. This time from a salesperson at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. . . Do you remember when we went into the woods and hugged the massive oak tree?

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Black of Night

Three spooky haikus for you.


In the black of night,
the scream of an animal
wakes me from my sleep.

Under the covers
I listen to the struggle
until there’s silence.

In the brisk morning,
I do not search for remains.
I don’t want to know.


Friday morning, I woke to agitated chattering outside. It sounded like an animal was fighting something. I don’t know what it was or what it was fighting.

In the daylight there was no fur, no feathers.

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Working Mind Wanders

This is a cleave style poem. It’s three poems in one! Please read the left justified lines first to the end, then the center lines to the end, then put it all together.


In a meeting

I breath

I sit and write

my dreams

to stay engaged

but my mind wanders.

It’s a fridge in here

I can’t settle down.

I keep the teeth chattering to a minimum.

I want to scream

Keep writing,

howl to the moon,

double underlining,

dance in the yard.

It’ll be over soon

The end is near

My eyes start to close

I begin to drift

I fall asleep.

I wake up.


A cleave style poem. It started this morning with Jane Dougherty’s cleave poem “Silence Broken” (safe for work) then Angela van Son wrote one, “I Lost Connection” (also safe for work).

Must be contagious.

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Sleeping Weather

Here we go again with the rain

All these windows to let the grey light in

It touches me and is meant to be soothing

But does not incentivize climbing out of bed

Fantastic sleeping weather

Not so much for anything else


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