Autumnal Fling (An English Sonnet)

Branches of trees brushing the eaves
Rain washing the Earth in its Mother’s tears
Summer’s goodbye with the falling of leaves
Departing with kisses blown to its dears

Autumn comes in on the wings of a storm
Greeting you with a drum roll of thunder
Promising to go slow by staying warm
Is this a brief fling? You have to wonder

Giving you the gifts of bottled lightning,
whirlwinds of color and hot mulled cider
To keep you warm when things become frightening
Taunted by faces and a huge spider

Autumnal memories are the strongest
Although the time shared is not the longest


I haven’t written a sonnet since high school. There are different kinds of sonnets. I chose to write an English Sonnet (or Shakespearean Sonnet) as described by Shadow Poetry.

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5 thoughts on “Autumnal Fling (An English Sonnet)

  1. You know, your seasonal poetry always seems to create a world – not just images or feelings, but scents and sounds as well. I think “immersive” is the word, but not in a “only three walls” sense: the fourth wall is still there. Like a VR experience.

    • You mentioning “VR experience” immediately made me think of Grim whispering into Nell’s ear “You used to enjoy my VR.” πŸ˜‰
      Thank you! I wanted to personify autumn as something you could have a deeper relationship with. Short term, a fling, but still a relationship.

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