The Poet Unwilling (A Writer’s Journey)

It started with a book
an unreadable behemoth
of drawn out chapters
Then there was rambling prose and free verse
giving way to a gallant return to novel writing
Composed in a mosaic of colored glass
but with the ultimate fatal flaw

A writer’s apathy

So I let it drop and shatter
Decaying at the bottom of my midnight soul
giving birth to a light fearing story
Growing without growing up
Writing with no end
an infinite, meandering jaunt

To overcome meant to end
And to end meant the practice
of a thousand “The Ends”
But “The End” cannot be had
without “Once upon a times”

So new beginnings were crafted
from the spirits of past poems
venturing deeper into the realm of short works
But as the water deepens
and the word count grows
so does the fear of never ending
sending me back to the swifter ends of poetry.


I have been feeling guilty about the amount of poetry I am writing. I know I need to practice writing more short stories, so I can apply what I learn from the practice to writing longer works.

But I can’t shake the poet off my back. When I decided to write about my years of writing (and not writing), it spewed out in poetry. A convenient, condensed summary.

The struggle continues with the silver lining that I am still writing.

Thank you for listening/reading.


13 thoughts on “The Poet Unwilling (A Writer’s Journey)

  1. I had my first and only published poem in a newspaper at the age of 12 and it got me bullied at school but i still go back to poetry, I have written longer stories, short stories you name it but now after a few years “off” i m starting again and poetry is the first thing i enjoy writing, I am going to embrace it this time and just see what comes! I am finding that thought quite liberating lol πŸ™‚

  2. This is the same feeling I struggle with everyday. Every poem I write I feel like I have kind of wasted my time. Like I was hiding from writing another short story. This post was so relatable S.M…..and you’re such a wonderful writer, and I know you must be thinking, “only I know how much I need to improve.” Well there is the proof you’re indeed an amazing writer, coz you want to keep improving. Should I feel guilty about writing poems?

  3. I think what you wrote is lovely. Why criticize yourself for writing in a style you love? I think we all have our favorite ways of sharing our hearts. I couldn’t write poetry to save my life, but that doesn’t make me any less of a writer and the same goes for you. Do what makes you happy.

  4. But the poem is so beautiful and well constructed. So I think you needn’t shake that poet of your back so soon.

  5. You put this in the form of poetry so beautifully! I don’t think poetry is something you shake off as you turn from amateur to professional. And I don’t think that’s even a necessity. But I do understand where you’re coming from when you say you want to expand into writing longer pieces and I wish you all the very best for that venture!

  6. You can do it! I don’t think any certain type of writing – whether short story, poem, novel, or whatever – is any more or less difficult than the others. If you are a poem person for now, be a poem person!

    • Thank you. Maybe it’s bottled up writing I’m finally getting out of my system and my mind’s like “Get it out. Get it out NOW!” and poetry is the quickest way about it.
      Thank you for reading.

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