Honey Cream

I can’t dance
And I can’t sing
And it can be argued that
I’m no poet either
But if you need someone who can bake
When you’re craving cake
Then, baby, you can call my number
For something sweet when the world’s gone sour
And something tart to match your thoughts
I can’t mend a broken heart
But I can patch it with honeyed cream
So come take a seat at my table
Pour your life’s story
As I prepare the tea
Don’t mind the time
I have all evening
And a slice of cake, or two, or three


I made a layer cake this weekend. A bit more complex than the lemon poppy seed from last weekend. Some assembly was required.


Black Tea Cake with Blackberry Lime Jam and Honey Whipped Cream (pg. 147 from Baker’s Royale by Naomi Robinson); Adjusted from 8″ rounds to 6″ rounds.

The recipe definitely has down two layers but the picture presented a four layer cake, so I sawed the layers in half and assembled. I ended up with a leaning layered cake because one side of the third layer couldn’t handle the weight. Opps.

The lime is a bit much. In the future I may try orange. I think it would mesh nicely with the bergamot in the Earl Grey tea I used. And be a hell of a lot easier to zest and juice!



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