Working Mind Wanders

This is a cleave style poem. It’s three poems in one! Please read the left justified lines first to the end, then the center lines to the end, then put it all together.


In a meeting

I breath

I sit and write

my dreams

to stay engaged

but my mind wanders.

It’s a fridge in here

I can’t settle down.

I keep the teeth chattering to a minimum.

I want to scream

Keep writing,

howl to the moon,

double underlining,

dance in the yard.

It’ll be over soon

The end is near

My eyes start to close

I begin to drift

I fall asleep.

I wake up.


A cleave style poem. It started this morning with Jane Dougherty’s cleave poem “Silence Broken” (safe for work) then Angela van Son wrote one, “I Lost Connection” (also safe for work).

Must be contagious.

I hope you will visit Jane and Angela as well as the other poets and writers taking part in OctPoWriMo this year.

Thank you for reading!