Everything Bagel Brawl

A discard
and three well fed starters
On their marks
Get ready
Four variations of the same recipe
Vying for the chance
to taste like the real thing
Or better
Number one adds yeast
Two omits sugar
Three per the recipe
Four is the store bought original
And five the discarded dark horse
Twelve hours to rest and rise
Who will be the winner?
To be continued…


First time I’ve ended a poem with a cliffhanger. I started making sourdough everything bagels last year with my starter, Maxwell.

Our local co-op sources sourdough everything bagels from a bakery outside of town. They are delicious and I’ve been working on achieving the same level of deliciousness. I’ve added yeast (based on their ingredients list) and changed to King Arthur flour. During the last batch I noticed that sugar was not listed (my recipe calls for 40 g sugar).

So I decided to host a bagel throwdown in my kitchen and there are currently four doughs rising in the warmest room in our house.

Tomorrow will be the moment of truth, after dividing, shaping, resting, boiling, topping, baking, and cooling.

Tomorrow is also the last day of OctPoWriMo so things will quiet down on the blog after tomorrow’s post.

Thinning Ice

I feel as if
I’m walking on ice
the temperature creeping upward
Don’t know when I’ll break through,
plunge into the depths
Unsure if I’ll resurface
or even want to.
Which step will it be?
A bad day and
something someone said?
Or a reminder from my phone
of pictures taken last year?
I keep stepping forward
There’s no turning back.
Keep stepping forward
on thinning ice
that’s starting to crack.


The snow is melting here but, when returning from errands, I saw geese walking on a still frozen pond.

It was a rough day. The kind of day that starts with bad news you initially shrug at but the dread creeps up on you throughout the day.

Maybe tomorrow will be better?

Thank you for reading.


SoundCloud: S. M. Saves
Twitter: @sm_saves

Disappearing Act

He tapped the record button and balanced his phone against a stack of books while his dog watched from the couch.

“Ready, Ralph?” Chad asked as he unfolded the fleece blanket. A mostly silent dog, Ralph acknowledged him with his undivided attention.

Chad stood in the doorway and raised the blanket. He lowered it and Ralph lifted his head. He raised it again before releasing it as he dashed down the hall to his bedroom.

He heard the jangling of Ralph’s tags and stifled his laughter. Then he heard Ralph’s deep growl. He peered down the hall.

The blanket still hung in the air.

“What the hell?” he thought. Ralph snarled on the other side of the blanket as Chad stood behind it to inspect its defiance of gravity.

The blanket dropped to the floor.

Ralph jumped back, uttering a startled bark. He approached the discarded blanket, pawed at it before burying his nose into the fleece. It smelled like his owner now. He turned his nose to the air before settling on it in the empty apartment.


Inspired by all the videos of people performing a disappearing act on their dogs. Decided to take it one step further.

New Year’s Resolutions

Because I’m not good at saying hello and I never say goodbye, let’s pretend it’s business as usual and I’ve always been here.

A new year begins in a handful of hours and I’m eager for the refresh button. Things got off the ground in 2013 — new job, new place, rediscovered independence — and while some things were left behind or placed on the back burner, it was overall a spectacular year. A year that 2014 is going to have a hard time topping.

I had two resolutions for 2013: land a full time job and read more. Both were achieved. For 2014, I have four resolutions.

Read on the Kindle.
Write (at least) three times a week.
Put together and maintain an editing schedule for book one.
Maybe maintain a blog.

The last one is going to be iffy at best. Could you tell?

See you next year.