The New Haunt

A new local shop
reminds me of my teens
and of old haunts long gone.
The strangeness on a rainy day
chases the sadness away
with sharp looking implements
as I stop to admire
cemetaries in terrariums
and a taxidermied duckling,
carnivorous plants
and an infant’s casket,
crystals and stones,
rats and toads,
deer jaws and bones.
Would I dare get my fortune told?
A bob cat lounges
on top an apothecary cabinet
as I step back out into the rain.


Visit a new shop today. Noticed it yesterday even though it opened in August. My middle/high school baby goth self was pleased.

Night Run

We’re going to bark and howl like hell hounds
We’re going to stare up at the moon
until our pupils turn to slits
and our bodies take on new shapes.
We’re going to run on all fours
down empty streets
jawing on night’s silken veil
to find a shadowy place.
We’re going to become one
until dawn’s light exorcises us
to flesh upon dew-soaked grasses.