Everything Bagel Brawl

A discard
and three well fed starters
On their marks
Get ready
Four variations of the same recipe
Vying for the chance
to taste like the real thing
Or better
Number one adds yeast
Two omits sugar
Three per the recipe
Four is the store bought original
And five the discarded dark horse
Twelve hours to rest and rise
Who will be the winner?
To be continued…


First time I’ve ended a poem with a cliffhanger. I started making sourdough everything bagels last year with my starter, Maxwell.

Our local co-op sources sourdough everything bagels from a bakery outside of town. They are delicious and I’ve been working on achieving the same level of deliciousness. I’ve added yeast (based on their ingredients list) and changed to King Arthur flour. During the last batch I noticed that sugar was not listed (my recipe calls for 40 g sugar).

So I decided to host a bagel throwdown in my kitchen and there are currently four doughs rising in the warmest room in our house.

Tomorrow will be the moment of truth, after dividing, shaping, resting, boiling, topping, baking, and cooling.

Tomorrow is also the last day of OctPoWriMo so things will quiet down on the blog after tomorrow’s post.

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