A is for Apothecary Jars

Down a wandering alley
with patches of asphalt removed
is an old-timey pharmacy
hidden from view.
Through its dusty windows
emptied of display
is a wall of glass jars
labels faded to gray.
The jars are different sizes
different colors too.
You press in to admire
the ambers and cobalt blues.
Reluctantly, you pull away
you have other things to do
but the feeling lingers
and f*** it, you buy the place!

Well, it wasn’t that easy. . .

You had to find the owner
who was 20 years dead.
Had to hire a lawyer
before you were in over your head
to purge all the legal skeletons
that may have been left behind.
A down payment made, the keys in your hand.
Then the real work began.

The knob and tube needed rewiring.
The galvanized pipes removed.
The mess it made of the plaster walls,
made you cringe with every move
until the drop ceiling came down
unveiling a nearly untouched tin ceiling.
It was worth the extra to refurbish the floor
and repair and paint the walls.

Though the store room still makes you shutter
you pulled it all together and open
Apothecary Teas and Bookery.
Refreshing herbal tonics
and rescued antique books
that sooth a restless soul
whisking it away from this messy world
for a well deserved while.


And thus begins a new A to Z Challenge. I put pen to paper on 3/17/20 to begin this poem and didn’t finish until 3/30/20. I didn’t know where to take the shuttered pharmacy and the original gander was something darker but it fell flat.

So I thought “F*** it. I’ll try making it happier.”

Thank you for stopping by and reading! I hope it took you to a better place, if only for a few moments.

Also support your local businesses. This is a difficult time for them too!


SoundCloud: S. M. Saves
Twitter: @sm_saves



9 thoughts on “A is for Apothecary Jars

  1. I loved it. It certainly took me to a dream-like place and I’m gonna stay there for a while if you don’t mind:)
    I had decided to check out a couple of your posts today but after reading A, I’m reluctant to soil the feeling with anything extra. Thank you.

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  3. The transformation aspect of it, snatching happiness from the jaws of decay, as a last-minute save is wonderfully played. I also loved the intermittent rhymes – the way that they just showed up and then disappeared, that was tasteful. I really, REALLY liked that one.

    Though I would of course have loved to see the unhappy version, or the unhappy version as well… you know me.

  4. So glad to be here after what seems like ages! How have you been?

    Is this inspired by something that happened in real life? If it is, I’d love to see what the place looks like now 🙂


    My theme for this year’s Challenge is “Idiosyncrasies of a Covidiot”

    • Chris! Long time, no write! How have you been? It’s good to hear from you!
      This poem is inspired by the businesses in the downtown area near me that occupy older buildings with remnants of the early 1900’s in them (like the tin ceilings or crown molding). Because of Covid-19, I haven’t been able to visit them. The one I miss the most is a coffee shop that makes an excellent chai latte.

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