Witch’s Stew

Brewing in a bone cauldron
An eye socket of a giant being
Slain by the Witch Queen
At the bottom there are stones
and on top of them bones
Simmering for five hours
In go the root vegetables,
the fingers, the toes, and somebody’s nose
It’s a witch’s stew for young and old
But preferably for young
The meats much more tender that way.


I’m Hail-Marying this one in. Snow and Halloween and #ReadMeSpeakMe have taken much of my time this week. OctPoWriMo got pushed to the back burner. And NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow! Gasp!

Thank you to everyone who came and visited me during OctPoWriMo; liked, and commented on my pieces. I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

As always, thank you for reading!


One thought on “Witch’s Stew

  1. This is very fun and festive – like the Gourd Horde, wicked and purposeful, yet childish and chaotic. Darkly humorous in the best way. Oh and I love the expression “them bones” in general, so bonus kudos for using it.

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