Do Not Carve the Pumpkin

If you do not like surprises
Do not go into the field
Where the giants are sleeping
Hidden by tall hills

Do not pick the plumpest one
Do not roll it home
Whatever you do, do not wake him,
Carving eyes into his shell

If you give him a nose,
he’ll smell you.
With a toothy grin,
he’ll want a taste.

But what do I know? Go ahead!
Pop the top off!
Inhale that horrendous smell
And take a peek inside.

Bones, blood, and offal
A broken smartphone too
Now you know you should have listened
But the young ones seldom do.


This poem was inspired by Meg Waf’s beast of a pumpkin, which inspired her poem ‘Trick or Treat‘, which is one of the special treats the #ReadMeSpeakMe voices are reading this week.

Thank you for reading and don’t carve that pumpkin!


One thought on “Do Not Carve the Pumpkin

  1. This is well worthy of its own Goosebumps episode. I imagine the pumpkin has some self-healing abilities or is able to go back to being an uncarved pumpkin after being shaped into a bespoke monster to eat those foolish enough to think it the best ever… which it is, but not in the way the young ones think.

    I am loving your Halloweeny poems.

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