The Bone Fairy

A bone fairy is born when you deny a tooth fairy your teeth.

Bones are incredibly valuable to the fairies, teeth most of all with wisdom teeth being the most sought after. We made a deal with the fairies long ago to give them our teeth as we lose them so they would leave our other bones alone.

Not leaving your teeth under your pillow at night makes a tooth fairy angry. That fury reshapes her delicate hands into sabers, replaces her wings with spines. She has empty sockets. Eyes do her no good because all she sees is bone.

When you hear her haunting tune, you’ll know she’s coming for you.

So place your teeth under your pillow. No need to wash them. The dried blood is an extra treat and will put you in good favor with your tooth fairy. She may even leave you an extra half dollar under your pillow.

“This story’s stupid,” my charge complains sticking his tongue through the gap left by his missing front teeth.

“I told you I’m not a good storyteller but you demanded a story. Now you want to complain?”

“Yeah, but you didn’t say you were going to suck at it.”

“Are you going to put your teeth under your pillow or not?” I ask, not used to being heckled by a six-year-old.

He takes them from the nightstand in his fist. I imagine him throwing them at me but instead he swallows them.

“Tooth fairies hate sifting through poop for teeth,” I tell him.

“You know what I think?” He leans to one side and farts in triplets.

“Well, goodbye then.” I leave the door open and turn off the light.

“Night, fart-face!” he laughs.

I leave a note on the table. It’s eleven pm. His parents won’t be home until midnight. I step out into the night. He won’t be alone long.

When I reach the end of the drive I hear them. It sounds like wind chimes made of hollowed bones. Something flies past, grazing my cheek. My wisdom teeth ache. They came in straight so I never had them removed.

What a pity. The bone chime sings and I pick up my pace. Despite the distance, I hear the song carried by the wind.

Bones, bones, precious bones.

Ribs, toes, finger bones.

Cleave the skin like a peel.

I want all of your bones!

They are always so young…


On July 11th, the #vss365 prompt was “fury” and I wrote a tweet-sized story about the bone fairy [here]. I wanted to see how it would turn out without a character limit.

If you have a moment, please let me know your thoughts? Did the longer version have as much impact as the shorter version?

Thank you for reading!


5 thoughts on “The Bone Fairy

  1. I enjoyed reading your story! I Lark and have a character who ended up dying and coming back with the magic from the FAE. I would love to incorporate something like your bone fairy, but I won’t do so without your permission. If you’d like to hear more about my story please let me know!

  2. Son of a BITCH I thought a bone fairy was from real lore and I was actually gonna use it in my fantasy world until I realized you had to of made that up yourself! 😂😂😂

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  4. I like both stories. This was gives me much needed context while the tweet-long version gives me the ambience of the story with its mystery. Also, the title is creepy 🙂

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