Hey Mister! (A Quinzaine)

Hey Mister! It’s your birthday!
Want to celebrate?
Want this cake?


102618 BDay Cake

Strawberry cake with freeze dried strawberries and buttercream.

A Quinzaine is fifteen syllables and three lines. The first line is a statement (7 syllables). The second (5 syllables) and third (3 syllables) lines are questions.

Four days, four poems left for OctPoWriMo! I’ve been terrible at visiting other participants and responding to comments. Today (10/26) was no different. I spent my spare time baking a cake.

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3 thoughts on “Hey Mister! (A Quinzaine)

  1. That looks so delish I want to enter the screen, travel through the lines, emerge from your laptop (AAAAA) and then take the cake, re-enter, travel back to my home, lock myself in my room, sit down, no fork, no utensils, and then just distend my jaw in attempt to get it all in, in one bite.

    Oh, and the cake is nice too.

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