Witching Hour (A Shadow Sonnet)

Sipping draughts of hard cider, I’m sipping
sour cranberry turns my throat sour.
Nipping at blood oranges, the cat-nipping
hour winds down to the witching hour.

Full moon, drawing down it’s light she is full
of divine power. Ritual robes of
wool protect her from the touch of steel wool
love. The moon cradles her with tender love.

I watch while rubbing the amethyst I
tuck under my pillows with roses. Tuck
my dreams behind my eyelids but with my
luck forget them by morning. Bloody luck!

Under moonlight she sleeps. I slip under.
Wonder of light, darling muse of wonder.


The Shadow Sonnet. Honestly, where has this form of poetry been all my life. It’s essentially a sonnet but the first and last words of each line are the same or homophones.

Five poems left to OctPoWriMo. Five days until the start of NaNoWriMo. (Who’s taking part?) Click on the link below the badge to visit the other writers taking part in OctPoWriMo.

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