Witchy Ways (A Quatern)

You know my witchy ways so well.
My penchant to favor dark things
like chocolate, black metal, and the
earth from which I source my magic.

Enticed by unique symmetries.
You know my witchy ways so well
enough to cast spells with your words
alone; circle-less and drifting.

Upon a writer’s writing desk
resides a horned god with a pen.
You know my witchy ways so well
and so do they; the god of words.

Struck by a mischievous muse, you
took it upon yourself to craft
me an emblem to call my own.
You know my witchy ways so well.


You’re getting all sorts of poems thrown at you, aren’t you, Spiral Artist?

I wrote this Quatern for my friend after he presented me with an emblem of my name last night. If it looks witchy, that’s because it’s witch house font.



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One thought on “Witchy Ways (A Quatern)

  1. I’m so happy that you liked it 🙂 I’m also giddy (POSITIVELY giddy, so that there is no doubt) and of course honored (also flattered, but that one goes without saying) that I was involved. 🙂 (a “squee” is in order!)

    Now that I have gotten over myself (did I?) let me just say this: much as I know your witchy ways, the spells you weave never cease to amaze me. Your transmutation of the seemingly mundane elements into something magical is a true talent. The way you incorporate small details (eye-kicks as I call them) like you do here always mesmerizes and elicits smiles.

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