Loss of Control (A Monchielle)

Sudden loss of control
Banished from the net world
Grinding against belief
How could this have happened?
And then begins the grief.

Sudden loss of control
Unused to the feeling
The denial sets in
Every try rejected
Locked from the world within

Sudden loss of control
Unable to focus
Teetering on a ledge
Between anger and tears
Die trying is my pledge

Sudden loss of control
Step though the chat window
The answer’s on the phone
Dad’s favored restaurant
Unlocks the gates to home.


The Monchielle is made up of a quartet of five-lined stanzas; six syllables per line. The first line is repeated throughout and only lines three and five rhyme.

A little background on this piece. I got locked out of my email today. Still not sure what triggered it. This is the first time this has happened to me and I felt so powerless. It’s been resolved now and I’m back in control. With updated security features.

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One thought on “Loss of Control (A Monchielle)

  1. I am gonna get a blacker eye one of these days from random eye-kicks like “dad’s favoured restaurant.” You keep to your high-quality fantasy renditions of everyday events in the most engaging and urgent ways: such high-tech melancholy until dad’s favored restaurant…

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