The Monsters (A Cascade)

The monsters have arrived.
We stumble down the stairs,
leading to our end.

We stare into the flashing lights searching for the source.
The music is their heartbeat, their shadows come alive.
The monsters have arrived.

The lamp lights’ tricky flickering mock our panicked hearts.
Running for the sidewalk’s open maw,
we stumble down the stairs.

The last train left at midnight. We enter a dinning hall.
They say we’re late for dinner. We’re chased along the track
leading to our end.


I really struggled with this one. Apparently, I’m either not ready to tackle a Cascade style poem or didn’t allow myself enough time to straighten one out. The first stanza started with three lines then went to five which meant more stanzas with more lines. Finally, I cut it back to three lines to keep things simple and call it a night.

Can you believe OctPoWriMo is already halfway over?

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4 thoughts on “The Monsters (A Cascade)

  1. Oh my.

    This is very, very depressive. It’s positively noir atmosphere, weary-traveler-goes-into-a-diner-after-a-trying-day vibe, “They say we’re late for dinner” – it’s all very blue, very weary from the night, very night-like in and of itself. Like coming out of a seancé, down on your luck, almost broke, hungry and wet from the sudden rain.

    In short, just my cup of tea.

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