The Mister’s Lament (His Free Verse)

Hot cookie
Hot drink
Hot wife
Too many hot things
in my life.


The Mister doesn’t usually craft poetry. We took an unplanned walk around uptown, bought chai lattes and a pair of cookies. It was a bit chilly but he complained about being hot. I said “Of course you’re hot. You have a hot drink, a hot cookie, and a hot wife.”

As we walked back, he came up with the poem and was quite proud of himself. He told me I should “write it down because it’s poetry”.

So I did.

And, yes, he knows it’s being posted for day 15 of OctPoWriMo. 😉


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3 thoughts on “The Mister’s Lament (His Free Verse)

  1. The Sleeper awakes 🙂 The Mister’s truisms may seem simple for some, but they are far from being just truisms: there is true truth in these words. Especially with regards to the cookie.

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