Once Upon a Silence (An Acrostic)

Once upon a time,
No body made a sound
Cities full of people never speaking
Everyone was silent.

Until one day, something happened
Perhaps it was many terrible somethings or
One unspeakable event
No one knows for sure but —

An atrocity opened the mouths of millions.

Suddenly everyone was screaming
nfinite words, spoken in many tongues by marchers
Lining the streets to protest
vading the silencers, refusing to back down
ever had there been a more awe-inspiring uprising
enturies from now will see the effects of the storm that burned
ntrenched practices to the ground.


This isn’t my first acrostic but it’s a nice form to try on again. I wrote Mood Ballad during the A-to-Z Challenge this past April.

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9 thoughts on “Once Upon a Silence (An Acrostic)

  1. I really dig the tone of this, starting with a smidgen of fantasy, almost unreal and then suddenly becoming very, very real. The abruptness of the transition serves it well, and while the rather surreal aspects don’t just drain from it when, excuse my Sanskrit, “shit gets real” the way it balances both sides is wonderful. Powerful.

  2. You really weaved an enchanting effect with your words, thank you for sharing such a wonderful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊

  3. Beautifully done!
    I just can’t seem to do acrostic. Can’t imagine why. It seems so simple. Perhaps a very, very specific expression of my dyslexia.
    Those who can are as magicians to me.

    • The first time I learned about acrostic was in my high school creative writing class. The teacher had us create an acrostic poem from the letters in our first names. Maybe give that a try. Use your first name (or pen name) as a base and write what comes to you. 🙂 You may surprise yourself.

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