Haiku Habit (A Nonet and Etheree)

At times like these, one must remember
there’s no shame in being tired.
Getting harder and harder
to resist the urge of
developing a
haiku habit
to make it
to the
the end
is coming
in twenty days.
Celebrate each word
that creates the next piece
you are proud to call your own.
In your heart you already know,
when it comes to writing poetry
releasing the mind lets the spirit shine.


The Mister does not write poetry.

When I fretted over writing another poem, he suggested a haiku. I told him I didn’t want to get into that habit. He then said “a haiku habit?”.

And I almost wrote a haiku until I came across the Nonet on Shadow Poetry’s website. Similar to a reverse Etheree, it’s nine lines with nine thru one syllables per line. When I made it to the end, I felt there needed to be more, so I tacked on an Etheree to turn it into a pep talk.

TL;DR? I fretted over writing one poem and the Mister inspired me to write two.

Twenty days and twenty poems left to OctPoWriMo!

Click on the link under the OctPoWriMo badge to visit the other writers writing 31 poems in 31 days.

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2 thoughts on “Haiku Habit (A Nonet and Etheree)

  1. delightful and spiritual. I love this:
    “Celebrate each word
    that creates the next piece
    you are proud to call your own.”
    It is a privilege when the cosmos flows through.

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