American Cliffhanger (A Terza Rima Sonnet)

Proving everyday unity is a myth
That seeing eye-to-eye is impossible
Spiraling out of control over the cliff

With a list, another choice was possible
To show you had a conscious and understood
That the people’s concerns were cognizable

But no. “Hoes” are never before the bro-hood
And women’s bodies are not truly their own
It’s not rape when committed during boyhood

You sent out your message. You cast the first stone.
Seemingly forgetting who has the last say.
In November, we will turn out to dethrone.

Will the American people save the day?
Or be led down another path of dismay?



When I set out to write this, I meant for it to be a Terza Rima. When I got through the third stanza, I found I had more to say and turned it into a Terza Rima Sonnet (also defined in the Shadow Poetry link for Terza Rima).

When I wrote the poem “America, America” in June, I honestly didn’t think things could get worse.

If you live in the U.S., please get registered and go vote.

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