Social Envy (A Fable)

They travel to all the places
I have never been
Smiles from ear to ear
clogging my social stream
with snaps of every cocktail
sipped by crystal pools
Of mountains scaled
for that picture perfect view
Of getting ready in pretty dresses
attending parties, arm-in-arm,
selfies taken cheek-to-cheek.

It’s hard not to envy
forgetting they are masks.
Smiles made of glass
requiring an obituary to smash
and remind me
that smiling for a second is easy.
Living every second is hard.
They’re snapshots for a graveyard
when a profile becomes a shrine
to comfort the procession
of those they left behind.

All the world’s travels
and once-in-a-lifetime views
don’t matter when grey clouds
are crowding the view.


Day four fable for OctPoWriMo! A fable has a moral at the end (think Aesop’s) and this was my first attempt at writing one.

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5 thoughts on “Social Envy (A Fable)

    • Life is a lot more than snapshots. Filtering off all the trials and bad things and only showing the fun and the adventures gives people a warped perception of one’s life and the lives of others around them. It took me until the mentioned obituary to figure that out.

  1. Oh, my. For your first time, I think this one turned out great. As always your eyekick-heavy style conjures up vivid images, “snapshots” even, but while sudden, the very subtle shift in mood feels like the tail end of a commercial, the moment before it all turns out alright… just never does here. Loved it!

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