The Many-Eyed Pies (A Clerihew)

One-eyed Willy
Married his true love, Tilly.
They set up shop — The Many-Eyed Pies
Their son, Willy Jr, had four eyes.

(You may find this Clerihew quite silly
Written all willy-nilly
To lose his eye, what did Willy do?
He laughed at this Clerihew too!)


The Clerihew was created by Edward Clerihew Bentley. It’s an aabb, biographical style poem. The first line introduces the person or character, a rule I broke in the second part.

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8 thoughts on “The Many-Eyed Pies (A Clerihew)

  1. Oh that twist! The way this just smashes its way through the fourth wall and goes from silly to chilly (well, chill”ing” but no rhyme that way…) and was that a double entendre I just saw driven deep into this?

    • I knew “willy” had a different meaning outside of the US. That’s why I changed the title from the originally-intended “One-Eyed Willy” to “The Many-Eyed Pies”. Make you think you’re getting pie when in actuality you’re getting something…weirder. 😉 Thank you for reading!

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