Camilla (A Villanelle)

Sweeter than sweet creams
infused with vanilla
She’s beyond your wildest dreams

Hot bath drawn, the mirror steams
No one’s better than Camilla
Sweeter than sweet creams

Love redeems
itself in that secluded villa
She’s beyond your wildest dreams

But as his body teems
she raises a knife. No, Camilla!
Sweeter than sweet creams

The sheets stained red. She deems
him dead. She’s a cold-blooded killa’
She’s beyond your wildest dreams

Night falls. Police arrive in teams
and descend upon the abandoned villa
Sweeter than sweet creams
She’s beyond your wildest dreams.


I’ve decided to explore different poetry styles during OctPoWriMo. This first one is a villanelle. According to, it is a 19-lined poem with five tercets (aba) and ends with a quatrain (abaa). The first and third line of the first tercet are repeated alternately throughout the poem and make up the last two lines.

Coincidentally, after I finished writing the poem, the Mister looked up villanelle and he found that it is also the code name of an assassin character from the television show, Killing Eve. Villanelle does look like it has “villain” in the name.

To visit the other writer’s taking part in OctPoWriMo this year, please click on the OctPoWriMo Writer’s List link below! And if you’re looking for something to do during the month of October (maybe a little pregame before NaNoWriMo?), you can still sign up!



4 thoughts on “Camilla (A Villanelle)

  1. Interesting format. I might take a shot at this myself, seems fun and it’s been quite a while since I’ve followed any sort of format.

    As for the poem itself, a noir tale of a femme fatale. Greyscale and delicious.

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