Suddenly Autumn

There is nothing more autumnal
than the sudden drop in temperature
and the gradual fall of leaves.
A week of ninety degree days
giving way to breezy, cool weekends.
Chilly-morning sweaters,
removed during the afternoon heat
of summer’s last sighs,
stay on longer and longer.
It is on days like these
I am reminded of my childhood.
Of school days
and cheddar cracker whales
with apple juice
and conquering mountains of leaves.
Not much has changed, though
the school days may be behind me
and the apple juice is spiked
with vodka or rum
and the leaves are blown
into someone else’s yard.
Autumn still feels the same
and reminds me of who I used to be.


The weather is becoming more decisive and it actually feels like autumn. I meant to write this poem last weekend, but kneading a double batch of cinnamon bread took priority.

Happy last day of September. Tomorrow is the first day of October and the kick-off of OctPoWriMo — 31 poems in 31 days. Follow the link to see the other writers taking part in the OctPoWriMo challenge and maybe give it a go yourself.



One thought on “Suddenly Autumn

  1. You know, this gives off the aura of a variety of eye kick details. It conjurs up images of taking a light blanket, pulling socks on and sitting by the window, tea in hand and watching the sunset shine off of the yellowing leaves, feeling the nights getting chillier. It is autumnal, very much so.

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