Viking Blod (Poetry Blitz #3)

I have drunk the blood of Vikings
Tasted the necromancer’s fruit
Danced upon their graves
Bare feet stomping on their remains
Their bone dust burns my throat
Alters my mind
Morphing my reality
Into nighttime wakeful nightmares
Eyes red, wide open
Mind cast upon stormy seas
Viking’s Blod and French fries
American flies skinny dipping in my drink
I’m the old lady who swallowed a fly
Oh my, oh my, oh my.


The final drink tasted at the end of the night was Dansk Mjod’s Viking Blod. 19% ABV. I had to eat something to finish it off. The gnats tried to help, but ended up drowning themselves instead.

This accompanies the poems Poetry Blitz and The Slaughtered Village.

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