Slaughtered Village (Poetry Blitz #2)

Set the scene upon clean stainless steel
with an airy yeast dough
to form the white, virginal alter.
Chant the words to
whatever god you believe
then paint the flesh red.
Scatter meats of questionable origins
slaughtered by another’s hands,
then cover with a shroud of delicate cheese
to hide the unholy mess.
Bake for an eternity
at hell degrees centigrade.
Guillotine and enjoy
the black ash that covers your fingers.
The soot of a mass cremation.


The first poem in this series is Poetry Blitz. There were food trucks at the event we were drinking at. One was a pizza truck with a brick oven. They had a “meat lovers” pizza called “The Slaughtered Pizza”.

We did not order that pizza.

Instead we got the “Bronze Dragon” — a equally epic name for a pizza.


20180817_Bronze Dragon

Bronze Dragon Pizza


In other news, I have a blue carrier pigeon now (aka Twitter, but carrier pigeons are so much cooler). You can follow my carrier pigeon at @sm_saves.




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