Poetry Blitz

Dropping bombs in a different universe
Smearing grease on the pages
It’s a poetic blitzkrieg
X drinks in
Zombie Killers
and Black Widow spiders
Writing like the scribes of old
Starving, head waltzing
Too many just-a-little-ones
to achieve a clairvoyance
of how this night will end
Scrawled words
better published on a bathroom stall
Tomorrow I pick through the rubble
of my poetry blitz
But tonight, I revel in the poetic bliss


I had been looking forward to my town’s yearly beer-and-wine-tasting-for-charity event. I was interested in what kind of gobbledygook I would write, so I brought along my pocket notebook.

Last night, drunk me wrote spirits and partials of poems, for a project I’ve entitled “Poetry Blitz”. Now it’s up to sober me to assemble the pieces together and fill in the blanks. And, yes, sober me referenced two works by Dorothy Parker in this finished poem. Sober me felt rather clever.

Poetry Bltiz Draft

Drunk me’s drunk calligraphy


In another state of mind, a dear friend of mine has returned to the craft. I hope you will take the time to visit the Spiral Artist at https://spiralartist.wordpress.com/. Let him know I sent you over.



5 thoughts on “Poetry Blitz

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  3. Thanks so much for the shout out! n_n

    Now, when you say “blitz” I am less inclined to think “blitzkrieg” and more inclined to think about the London blitz, which I think suits the poem even better (plus, the opener makes me think of that even more.) Flashes in the dark, the uncertainty of where it’s all headed, disruptive noise and straightforward lines being reduced to disordered rubble. Very tense, very urgent and at the same time, I think, with a carefree spirit, an “end of the world baby!” shout.

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