Broken Gods

Within these walls
reside broken gods
cast from their pedestals
left to ruin
all who practice
within their dreamscape
Awash in Viking’s blood
candy painted foxes
frolic upon waves of peacock feathers
dooming astronauts
who fall from the starless sky
How far you float
depends on the tea you drink
from ritual writing
to cultivating the ingredients
Blink and become the sacrifice
to the bewilderment
of all chemical based things
that crumble into atoms
at the base of rusted pedestals
to the broken gods


I hope you enjoyed the ride. Please let me know how you feel.

[Edit:10/30/18] — On 10/01/18, The Drabble accepted and posted “Broken Gods” on their blog.



3 thoughts on “Broken Gods

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    • Same hands
      raised to plead
      as the thunder and the rain
      dash their skulls
      against the rust-stained columns
      In the night, they burn
      emeralds, rubies, and golds
      The foxes make off with with their skulls
      Nothing satisfies
      the broken ones.

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