Cardamom Sugar Kittens

Six years near the day
Two kittens were born
During the last week of July
Two balls of fluff
They would grow into a pair
of majestic fur beasts
Now everything I do
is covered in cat hair
And I wouldn’t have it any other way


For the past six years, on July 28th, I celebrate my cats’ birthday. They’re litter mates so they have to share.

They spent the day doing the usual — begging for food, napping, demanding attention, napping, eating, and of course, more napping. I spent the afternoon baking cardamon sugar cookies cut out in the shape of cats.  And per tradition, the evening ended with the singing of “Happy Birthday”. They were not impressed because to them it’s just another Caturday.


A Clowder of Kittens



5 thoughts on “Cardamom Sugar Kittens

  1. I saw the picture of this and wanted to read why exactly i see a lot of cat cookies lol, but I think it’s great that you take the time to do that, even though they may not seem appreciative you still do it every year for them and I am sure they love the attention too

    • Thank you. They are easily pleased with a can of wet food for breakfast and a new empty box to play in. I suppose I should be grateful that they are mostly low maintenance. And their birthday gives me a good excuse to bake…not that I need an excuse… 😉

      • Oh, my cats love boxes too. An empty box or a plastic bag to lay on is a good time for them. Hey, there is nothing wrong with looking for reasons to celebrate.

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