America, America

Where do I begin?

America, America
Land of fortune and fame
Land of prison and shame

We’re going insane

Won’t let a woman choose
Says it’s ripping babies from the womb
But separates children at the border
Stuffs them into cages away from their mothers
Does life depreciate after its first breath?

They say it’s Biblical
They call it fact
But what kind of religion is that?

America, America
History of atrocities and tears
Native Americans uprooted from their sacred lands
Africans enslaved and beaten — their babies stolen and sold
Japanese interned, taken from their homes
Different people, same song
Spurred on by old white men
And their Stepford wives
making me ashamed of my own skin

America, America
The melting pot
Boiling over with hatred and fear
Poisoning its people
Shutting down their voices

When the next election comes
what will you choose?
Turn back, seek the light,
and make amends?
Or continue into the depths
by the light of a thousand burning bridges?


A/N: This poem is a cluster disaster but so is my country right now. Fits the theme (unfortunately). And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Remember history. You can’t control what happened in the past, but you can still change what gets written about the future.

And to those folks reading from afar, the US isn’t all bad, but we do have plenty of rough spots we need to sort out. . .



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