Paper Flowers

Muggy words
Come on the heels
Of outer influences
Captured glimpses
Pieces of overhead conversations
Passed over before turning
Sharp corners
. . .body. . .
thing never. . .
wise. . .
“You sound. . .
very nice.”
Folding flower petals
Out of book pages
A sacrifice in the name of décor
And sleeping murder
Chained and tortured
With gold dust
Folded over and glued
Reblossomed anew


Paperflowers small

Handmade paper flower (kusudama) bouquet

A/N: I wrote this poem nearly a year ago on 06/25/17. It was in the midst of measuring, cutting, folding, and gluing what had to be hundreds of kusudama petals for my wedding bouquet and my bridesmaids’ bouquets. Each book flower had five petals; the colored ones had six.

I remember having Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors” on vinyl playing as I worked on the floor. It feels like forever ago. This was a spur of the moment poem. At that time I hadn’t written poetry in quite awhile, so I was satisfied with how it turned out — a snapshot of a Sunday afternoon spent folding and listening to music.

Can you guess the book from the poem?



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