In Case of Chunk

When things are going well
A little too well
Beware of the chunks
Smooth sailing
Blue skies
Sun in your eyes
Is when they will strike
Mix well or else they’ll separate
Sugar crust rippling over a lemon ocean
Crackling like crème brûlée
Break it up
And cast Atlantis back into the sea
And into the oven
There. Perfect.
There’s nothing a layer of powdered sugar can’t fix


I had a very eventful weekend last weekend. A good weekend, everything going right, until I attempted to make these lemon bars.



Definitely did not mix the eggs and sugar together long enough. The top developed a thin crust that rippled when I shook the pan because the filling underneath didn’t set. Desperate to save it, I took a fork and started breaking up the crust to stir it back in (the above picture is mid-forking).


10 minutes baking later. Ta-da!

You can still see some remnants of the chunks but after cooling and powdering, and cutting and consuming, there wasn’t a noticeable difference in texture. No unexpected crunch. Whew, but waaaaay too sweet. We still have some left over because of how sweet it tastes, so if you want a piece. . . . 😉


Powdered sugar for the win! Recipe from



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