In Case of Chunk

When things are going well
A little too well
Beware of the chunks
Smooth sailing
Blue skies
Sun in your eyes
Is when they will strike
Mix well or else they’ll separate
Sugar crust rippling over a lemon ocean
Crackling like crème brûlée
Break it up
And cast Atlantis back into the sea
And into the oven
There. Perfect.
There’s nothing a layer of powdered sugar can’t fix


I had a very eventful weekend last weekend. A good weekend, everything going right, until I attempted to make these lemon bars.



Definitely did not mix the eggs and sugar together long enough. The top developed a thin crust that rippled when I shook the pan because the filling underneath didn’t set. Desperate to save it, I took a fork and started breaking up the crust to stir it back in (the above picture is mid-forking).


10 minutes baking later. Ta-da!

You can still see some remnants of the chunks but after cooling and powdering, and cutting and consuming, there wasn’t a noticeable difference in texture. No unexpected crunch. Whew, but waaaaay too sweet. We still have some left over because of how sweet it tastes, so if you want a piece. . . . 😉


Powdered sugar for the win! Recipe from



5 thoughts on “In Case of Chunk

    • Cooking mishaps are easier to rehab than baking ones. I was surprised I was about to bounce back from this fumble.
      Despite your cooking mess ups, keeping practicing and make sure you alot enough time for yourself to cook. From personal experience, rushing is the causer of most of my mistakes.
      Thank you for reading!

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