Z is for Zenith

In the end,
there’s great relief
at being released
from a seemingly endless cycle
Voice parched,
words scraped from an empty barrel
But at this zenith
there’s the promise of rain
This end is only the beginning of something great
A story has begun
and the pen still has ink
Rest now,
but not for too long
The inspiration is there
but it’s fleeting
Remember the moment
you reached this height
as you dive into the depths of your mind
in search of the next chapter.


This was quite the journey for me. It’s been a long time since I’ve shared my writings and
written so much. As the A-to-Z Challenge comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone who stopped by, read, liked, and commented. Regardless of whether you were taking part in the challenge or not, I greatly appreciate that you spared a minute or two of your time to visit.

Thank you.

Z a2z


8 thoughts on “Z is for Zenith

  1. There is certainly promise of rain here. And even if there’s no shower, you’ve earned yourself at least one big fan for life!

    This has been a great challenge. Do keep in touch.


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