O is for Oh

Oh, my novocaine
Hit that sweet spot inside my mouth
Numb me up so I can’t feel a thing
As this week punches me in the face

Oh, alcohol
Wipe away my tears
Take away my anger, my nerves, my fears
Replace them with my dopey, sleepy smile

Oh, my bed
Cradle me now
Protect me tonight as I start to wind down
And hope to be okay in the morning


A/N: I was revisited by a song from my Gothic teen years — Switchblade Symphony’s “Novocaine”. A song that’s entirely in gibberish except for “Oh, this is my novocaine”.

O a2z


4 thoughts on “O is for Oh

    • Not as “goth” as you’d think. My parents wouldn’t allow me to dress full out Goth. I wore quite a bit of black and even dyed my hair black my freshman year of high school (I’m never doing that again).
      Thank you for reading.

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