J is for Jolt

Lay down
Everything softens
Eyes sealing close
Death knell
Whole body jolt
Fallen victim to a hypnagogic jerk
Brace for the fall
Listen for the next strike
Nothing but background noise
Hum of refrigerator
Neighbors roaming upstairs
A car passing by
Still in bed
Eyes cautiously close
Succumb to sleep
As one succumbs to death


A/N: According to dictionary.com, a hypnagogic jerk is “any spasm that accompanies the transition to sleep”. A while ago, when I was first searching for the reason why I sometimes jerked awake while half sleep, I read a comment where the person joked that you jerk because a version of yourself in an alternate universe has died. (Unfortunately, I can’t find the original article where that comment was made.)

J a2z


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