F is for Flu-Like Symptoms

I get my vaccine against it
every single year
(Circle, circle. Dot, dot.)
But this time to no avail
It started with a fever
up inside my head
My face flushing red
Then chills when you’re near
And aches when we’re apart
No medicine or ancient remedy
can make it go away
I’m not the kind of person
who likes to sweat it out
But if you’ll be my blanket
and wrap me in your arms
I might make an exception
and accept my chronic condition
It’s terminal when I’m with you


A/N: I wanted to write a poem that likened falling in love to having flu-like symptoms. I ended up writing this awkward monster instead.

F a2z


7 thoughts on “F is for Flu-Like Symptoms

  1. Wow…you had me at ‘it’s terminal when I’m with you’. I wish someone wrote would something like this for me.

    Guess I’ll have to start ghost-writing :p


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