D is for Dark (and Stormy)

My mood is dark and stormy
so here, let me make you a drink
A half can of body, spiced and frustrated
A dry quarter of pleasure, sharp
to make the stomach acid roll
And a tablespoon of sour, squeezed
escaping like it has better places to go
Mixed together with two ice islands
trying their best to stay afloat.

It’s been a rough week
inside this body
craving something more
It’ll be over in a day or two
then red sky at morning
it’ll be red and stormy
then red
then serene, waiting
until it’s dark and stormy again.

D a2z


3 thoughts on “D is for Dark (and Stormy)

  1. To me, this poem came across as a mood swing and the protagonist’s attempt to deal with it with the help of a drink.

    Pray, tell me what this is about?


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