B is for Blisters

Walking for miles in the wrong kind of shoes
Enjoying the spring weather with the one I love
The complete opposite of last week’s
white knuckled drive on snow blown roads
Crawling past vehicles in the ditch
Now I’m walking pigeon-toed
Homeward bound
Can’t wait to peel off these shoes
The last leg of our journey
he princess-carries me
past our neighbor brushing his dog
“Don’t judge me,” I laugh.
“My feet hurt and he hasn’t gone to the gym.”
He laughs and the dog smiles
Excited like she wants a turn

B a2z


7 thoughts on “B is for Blisters

  1. I can relate to this so well. Blisters, ouch. The Husband doesn’t have to carry me (of course he wouldn’t be able to unless it was across a swimming pool) but I do appreciate it when he gets the car and drives it back. 🙂

    • It was just across the parking lot of our apartment building but it was greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I was going to regress to my childhood and wander barefoot. 😀

  2. A walk with a loved one is any day better than a drive….I completely agree.

    I wish my wife doesn’t read this though. Neither of us goes to to gym, although we ought to :p


    Do drop by mine.

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