The Box of Going-Nowhere Books

If I were forced to blow my money on one addiction, it would be books. Cigarette paper and empty bottles don’t build very sturdy houses.

One of my greatest weaknesses is used book sales. There’s something about being in a room of musty smelling books containing untold adventures in their creased-corner pages and broken spines. Sifting through someone’s basement clutter, library discards, old classics, and “we-read-that-in-school” literature (which inevitably leads to the realization that high school was X number of years ago) for new reads is exhilarating.

One of my resolutions for this year was to read more on my Kindle. That is, after all, what it was purchased for.

Unfortunately, the box of used books camping out under my side table isn’t going far. I didn’t mean to end up with a box full of books. Honest! It just happened!


Thankfully some of them are cookbooks but why did I pick up so many?

And they may or may not have been giving away the books that didn’t sell for free the next day. I didn’t even bring the box with me. It was one of many extras available. Probably accumulated for those of us who tricked ourselves into thinking “I’ll just pick up another book while I’m here. . .or two. . .or a box full.” On a side note, I did purchase some books during the actual sale. Books that also need to be read.

I suppose I better get on that. In the meantime, if you happen along this message-in-a-bottle blog post, what places do you visit to discover new reads?


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